Recipients:  The choosing of a recipient is not difficult.  They must be over the age of 18 and get it.  The most abundant candidates are young people just out of college who are not obliged to the conditions that restrict their time and freedom.  There are those hell-bent-for-leather to join the mainstream and those who are hell bent for adventure and see bigger possibilities.  There are also those of quiet passion that circumstances have robbed of opportunity.  There is no shortage of worthy recipients.  Any who prove otherwise will cease to receive funding and receive a ticket home.  Constant updates and communication will be required.  Money will be made available on a monthly basis and can only be received with verification of their presence at a specific place which they determine, just showing they are on the journey not back home. The journey will be up to one year in some cases less.


This is a journey with a few requirements as seen on the About page.  For the most part the road will lead the traveler.  Over planning thwarts adventure.


A few of the things they are required to do are:


*Hide a “treasure” for a child


*Hang glide


*Give their labor free in an orchard or restaurant or wherever when they see that people are overwhelmed


*Feed a horse an apple


*learn to play a new musical instrument


*Leave a flower anonymously for a teenage girl


*Dance with an old person


*Share a bottle of cold Sauvignon Blanc on a hot day, (Pure varietal, French, Loire specific, Preferably Sancerre)


*Stay in an ice hotel


*Ride in a balloon


*Eat a different food three times a week


*Take a bottle of fine brandy to a forgotten elderly person in a home


*Smoke a cigar with an old man who is forgotten


*Dine at Candidos in Segovia, Spain and retire for brandy at El Duque


Upon arrival at their first destination there will be a message either by text or in an envelope waiting for them.  It will guide them to the first adventure of their journey and set them in a direction. There will be admittance to time dated events in the box which keeps them on the move.